Richard Hand 1960-2011

We would like to remember our friend Richard Hand. His duo with Tom Dupre was an inspiration to us both.


  1. Wonderful memories of my brother and Tom, and lovely words, Mark and Chris. We are hoping so much that the Eden Stell Guitar duo will be playing at Richard’s memorial concert on September 18th at UCS, Hampstead.

  2. Many thanks Juliet. Richard was such a dear friend and was very supportive of our duo. We just performed at Dillington and it was so lovely they dedicated the festival to Richard. I believe we will be playing at Richard’s memorial concert as Brian has been in touch. It will be our pleasure. See you then. Mark

  3. Hello Mark and Chris,

    Mark, very weirdly, i think you performed in a small film I made called ‘The War Zone’ – about a woman in love with her guitarist lodger. I had four of you in DJs in my bedroom playing by candlelight! It worked beautifully and was my favourite scene.

    And the film was inspired by Richard Hand, whose memory I’m keeping today (the second anniversary of his death) by watching YouTube videos and reading tributes like yours. I wonder if all of us feel as close to him, still, as I do. He is in the air around me, all the time, like an unfinished chord. Still sounding.

    Your performance at his memorial was sublime. May your duo thrive on. Stephanie


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