New York debut at NYCCGS

The Eden Stell Guitar Duo were delighted to finally make their debut in New York under the auspices of the New York City Classical Guitar Society (NYCCGS). The Baruch Performing Arts Centre provided the Duo with a wonderful venue to perform in and the NY audience reacted warmly to the programme finishing with a standing ovation. 

Of course being Friday the 13th there were expectations that something else may go wrong and during the performance Chris managed to brake a nail quite badly. Luckily it was at the end of the concert and was fairly easily repaired. Mark also had vertigo flash-backs during the performance as he and Chris had spent the day sightseeing and had gone up to the Empire State Building.  As Mark is extremely scared of heights this was quite an achievement.  Other performers in the Societies concert series include Andrew York, Paul Galbraith, and flamenco guitarist Chuscales.

Tomorrow the Duo catch a flight back to Canada for their final concert of their tour for the Guitar Society of Toronto.


  1. Hi Chris and Mark. So glad you had a successful debut in New York following all of you recent trials and tribulations. We wish we could have been there it sounds as though it was a wonderful concert enjoyed by everyone. Take care both of you. See you soon.

    Bob and Liz

  2. Fantastic concerts guys. Thanks so much.

  3. Hello boys, I’m glad to hear that a nail was the only casualty. Looking at your NYC photo, it occurred to me that you should probably sit closer together. Just a thought…….
    Hope to see you again soon.

  4. Many thanks for all your words of encouragement. Chris and I have had a wonderful time in NYC – it’s been a memorable trip, but I don’t want to sit any closer to Chris thanks Louis! Talk to you all soon. Best wishes, Mark

  5. That looks like a good floor for ping pong balls. Did Chris use one of them to repair his nail? You’ve come a long way Mark since you couldn’t watch us climb the light on Gurnard seafront. See you soon.

  6. Great gig guys and really good to see you both again! I owe you a few beers!!

  7. Ouch..I hate broken nails . You really should try eating calcium supplements it helps make your nails insainly strong .I haven’t broke a nail since ….loved the show if you guys have a myspace page please add me I would love to have you guys as a friend


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