Eden Stell Duo Alla Grande Festival concert

Last night saw the start of the Eden Stell Guitar Duo’s North American tour.  The concert took place at Pavillion Tabaret at the University of Ottawa.  After being separated from his guitar for 24 hours, Chris was reunited with it completely repaired with only 20 minutes to go before the start of the concert. (Photo by Heather Morand Clark)

The duo gave its first performance of the ingenius ‘Bazaar!’ by Gary Ryan.  A piece that involves spoons, pencils, tuning forks, ping-pong balls, as well as a loop station – all adding to its wide tapestry of colour.  This concert also saw the duos first performance of ‘Wave Radiance’ by the Australian composer and guitarist Phillip Houghton – a stunning sound scape written for the Zoo Duo and recorded by Duo Agostino.

The concert was a wonderful start to the Duo’s tour with a very enthusiastic audience.  It was particularly nice to see so many young people there.  Today the duo head back to Toronto for their next gig at Waterloo.

Special thanks go to Nicole & Gérard at the guest house Auberge le Bel Abri for making our stay so enjoyable. Merci from Mark & Chris.


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