Cracking start to Eden Stell Duo’s Canadian tour!

Cracking up

Chris got quite a shock when he woke on his first morning in Ottawa to find his guitar had developed a crack between to neck and head.  The guitar has amazingly managed to still sound and play OK but the head really could fall off at any moment.

The Eden Stell Guitar Duo are taking part in the Alla Grande Guitar Festival in Ottawa, directed by Patrick Roux and members of the Canadian Guitar Quartet – Patrick Roux, Philip Candelaria, Denis Donegani, and Louis Trépanier.  First concert last night was the Piano and Guitar Duo Donkin-Trépanier duet who performed a wonderful programme of music, some familiar items to us such as Gnattali’s ‘Corta Jaca’ in the style of Chiquinha Gonzaga.  Stay tuned. Mark


  1. Hello
    I am very pleased to see mentioned the name of our composer Chiquinha Gonzaga.
    I would like to hear this interpretation of Corta Jaca, if possible
    Researcher’s work and I am responsible for the official site of Chiquinha Gonzaga here in Brazil.
    Thank you for raising the name of Chiquinha Gonzaga.
    Wandre Braga

  2. Hi Wandre
    Many thanks for your comment especially as I wanted to find out more about Chiquinha Gonzaga. We only really know Radames Gnattali’s hommage and musical portait to her in his Suite Retratos. Chris and I have recorded the Suite on our CD called ‘Samba!’, but I will ask Louis Trépanier if he has recorded his version of Gnattalli’s Corta Jaca for piano & guitar, and get back to you.
    Best wishes


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