Latest Recording ‘Music for an Island’

Music for an Island

The Eden Stell Guitar Duo take a new direction with the release of their multimedia CD ‘MUSIC FOR AN ISLAND’ on the BGS label.

The Duo’s passion for performance innovation has resulted in a finely crafted and syncronised multimedia concert of music and images inspired by landscapes and locations from around the UK.

The diverse programme covers the length and breadth of the British Isles from the Orkney Isles to the seaside promenade of Eastbourne, taking in the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, leafy Sherwood Forest, May Hill, and the Beatles’ Liverpool along the way.

The catalyst for the project was a performance of Michael Ball’s ‘Music for an Island’ that the duo gave as part of the Park Lane Group Young Artists’ Series in 1997. Unbelievably, this germ of an idea has eventually matured 10 years later into a multimedia programme kindly supported by the Finzi Trust, who awarded Mark Eden a travel scholarship to roam around the UK capturing the essence of each location with his trusty Canon 350D. And it is this fact that perhaps makes the project all the more special; every single image is as a result of this tour, enabling the listener to see the inspiration behind the music through the musician’s eye.

Tracks: ‘Music for an Island’ BGS117

  1. Stephen Dodgson: Promenade

  2. [audio:Promenade – Stephen Dodgson.mp3]
  3. Herbert Howells: Finzi’s Rest

  4. [audio:Finzi’s Rest – Herbert Howells.mp3]
  5. Michael Ball: Music for an Island

  6. [audio:Music for an Island – Michael Ball.mp3]
  7. Lennon & McCartney: The Fool on the Hill

  8. [audio:Fool on the hill – Lennon and McCartney.mp3]
  9. Lennon & McCartney: Penny Lane

  10. [audio:Penny Lane – Lennon and McCartney.mp3]
  11. Timothy Bowers: Fantasy on an Old English Melody

  12. [audio:Fantasy on an old English melody – Timothy Bowers.mp3]
  13. Peter Maxwell Davies: Farewell to Stromness

  14. [audio:Farewell to Stromness – Peter Maxwell Davies.mp3]
  15. Gary Ryan: Generator

  16. [audio:Generator – Gary Ryan.mp3]

Total time 53:30

‘Music for an Island’ BGS117 is available from HMV, Guitar CD’s Ltd, and distributed by RSK Entertainment.

All images were photographed by Mark Eden with the support of the Finzi Trust.

Below is the promo movie on the new recording giving a snap-shot of the images and music from the concert.

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